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Ultimate Reptiles Pty Ltd is owned and run by Reptile Enthusiasts. We share your same fascination and Passion about these animals. We are the largest professional reptile dealer in Australia and have over 35 years experience in dealing with Reptiles. We sell both quality livestock and a range of products specifically designed for the proper husbandry and keeping of these unique pets.

Please ensure you have the correct caging before you purchase any reptiles. Click here to for more information...


We do not sell PRODUCTS direct to the public from our warehouse location. Please place your order online or visit your leading pet store for our range. Livestock orders from the warehouse are by appointment only.
Thank you

Please click on the image to view our current livestock available. As we are sometimes quite busy, we may have other livestock not listed so it is always worth asking. Sorry, we do not take orders but can add you to a subscription list (click Here) to alert you by email when we have added new reptiles to our website.


New Animals Listed 16/09/16